Sparks were asked to step in to help rejuvenate aucklandnz.com
iStudent Complaints is a service to help international students resolve complaints with their education provider.
The city of Auckland is an exciting place to visit, this website promotes campaign activity throughout the year as well as bringing a directory of events, activities, dining and retail to life.
The Southern Health website brings together health organisations across New Zealand's Southern district to help people in the area feel informed and supported.

The pioneering NZ radio website built by Cactus Lab in the early 2000s was one of the first radio stations to have live streaming available. Skip forward 17 years and the new incarnation has become fully responsive with a host of new features to honour the pioneering spirit of the b. From on-demand podcasting (bCasts) to in-page live streaming, bFM is again showing why they are the originator.

The Subaru site allows easy control over all aspects of the content with rich, immersive media and lead generation.
The overall, achieved, goal for Deer Velvet’s website was a site that worked to find, grow and serve local visitor audiences and further reaching internationally.

In 2018 we collaborated with Heart of the City’s Advocacy and Engagement team to bring the member-focused site from a bespoke CMS into Drupal 7 using the Sector distribution. The member site provides the businesses within their boundary with news and updates on how the association drives business and success in the area.