iStudent Complaints

Built using Sparks’ Ignite Drupal profile, iStudent Complaints is a service to help international students resolve complaints with their education provider, brought to the market by Fairway Resolution. The brief was to build a functional website that featured a Multi-Language solution for six languages - Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Hindi, Korean and Thai.

Specific pages have been translated into these languages, allowing users to easily access the key content in their native language. With the added benefit of a fully responsive design, giving ease of use on mobile devices, including the Complaint Process flowchart, concertina FAQ page and translated Glossary.

Visual design & prototyping
Responsive front & back end build
Language support
Ongoing support
Web Accessibility Standard

iStudent responsive

Responsive Complaint Process flowchart


Multilingual for six languages


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Jack Kilborn, Digital Producer