24 March 2020

Covid-19 Update: Working on...


I am sure your inbox is full of emails about Covid-19 and business continuity plans, 'working from home' and what we're all doing to manage the current situation. We're relatively fortunate to be in New Zealand, and to have a co-ordinated response from our government. Here at Sparks we are also relatively fortunate in that we have plenty of work to be getting on with, supporting our clients in their business continuity, public messaging and on-going operations online.

We are now working from home. This is a familiar exercise for many of us, and over the last week or two we've used the time to prepare and setup for this, including working from home on rotation to make sure our connections are secure and that our operations are fully functional.

We've been through a few challenges over the years including floods and earthquakes, and so for the last decade we've had all our internal tools and systems online and in the cloud, so that we are location independent. We are used to managing our project and support work using online messaging and video conferencing, and the team are comfortable collaborating 'in the cloud'.

We recognise the current situation as a new challenge for us all. At Sparks we're confident we have the tools, processes, routines and work habits to carry on and keep delivering for the foreseeable future. 

If you are a current client, you will likely have spoken to your Producer already but the key message is you can continue to book and manage work as you normally would - email, phone, FreshDesk support and shared docs. If you need something done, get in touch - at this stage we're working on! 

For your reference, here is our:

Sparks Interactive - Business Continuity Plan - updated 24 March 2020.

By Dave Sparks